Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Call up the following link in your browser:

  2. Click on "student" and "Sign Up".

  3. First field:                 You can make up a username. It may only consist of letters and numbers.
  4. Second field:           You can choose your own password. It is best if you write it down directly so that you do not forget it.
  5. Third field:                You can enter your e-mail address if you wish. But you do not have to.
  6. Your user account is ready to play - you will be forwarded directly and can choose your school to compete against other students at your school on the leaderboard.
    The next time you want to log into your account, you can use the same link as above, you just have to select "student" and "Log In" since you already have an account.