With The Big Challenge, learning English is finally fun! Play in the Game Zone in class or at home. You'll get better at English and enjoy yourself at the same time. And the contest at the end of the year is something you really don't want to miss!

With The Big Challenge, you get a prize no matter what you score in the contest. However, the better your results, the bigger your prize! Everyone who enters The Big Challenge contest gets an official certificate and a cool poster of an English-speaking city.  50% of students get extra prizes like power banks, keyrings and more.

With the Game Zone, you can prepare for the competition all year round by playing games that automatically improve your language. The game "Quiz" contains original competition questions that give an idea of what will be on the test in April. So you can practice in peace and quiet, and in April you can show what you can do! The Big Challenge is played by over 630,000 students in Europe every year.

The results are available in June! You can print out your personal certificate and in our rankings you can see how you did compared to the other students at your school, in your region and in your country.